Garage beer , you ask?  Well, yes it is.  Brewed in the mountains of West Virginia using the well water with which we have been abundantly blessed.  We use only the finest hops, barley and grains that are procured from all over the world and sometimes from right here on our own farm.  

Our beer is unfiltered and non-pasteurized and brewed in the old style of "farm breweries", just like our forefathers with small batches and closely held recipes.  Demand sometimes exceeds our production, so we hope that you with bear with us as we aren't willing to sacrifice quality to meet demand.  We will drink no beer before it's time?

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2323 Ralph Livengood Rd, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525  (304) 379-4777


Number #1 in sales and customer loyalty.  Light, full bodied, and a well balanced beer for any occassion, or, for no occasion at all!  A good choice for even the most discriminating.....


A true German style "weizen" beer or Hefeweizen beer, with hints of orange and coriander seed, cloudy in nature as a true wheat beer should be.  Never say never to wheat beer until you have tasted this one, it's truly unique and superior in quality.

Wild & Wonderful Strawberry Ale - 6.2% ABV

This one will change your mind about fruity beers.  Light in nature with a wonderfully delicious aroma of fresh strawberries.  It's wildly sensitive to your taste buds but not overpowering, it's pleasantly surprising.

Campfire Ale - 6.4% ABV

Imagine a summer campfire.  ​Just a slight smell of smoke, a hint of smokey taste on the roof of your mouth and a pleasant follow thru.  You can almost feel and smell the campfire, it's and interesting twist for a blonde ale.

Hoo's Your Daddy IPA - 6.4 ABV

Mmmm, just another way of saying, I love IPA.  Smooth yet sassy, crisp but not quite sharp.  Smells as good as it tastes, you will want to have more than one.

Seasonal Beers

Buckwheat Honey Porter 4.5% ABV

You can almost smell the cakes baking when you smell the dark, rich aroma of this beer.  Prestonians are going to love what you can do with buckwheat now.  Worth coming for, again and again.